December 2017 Newsletter


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December 2017

City Celebrations begin for the Holiday Season on the Square Friday, December 1, and 6:00 P.M. with the Annual City Christmas Parade. This year’s celebration, “A Christmas Remembered,” is a great opportunity for us to celebrate our hometown, and to kick-off our observance of the State’s Bicentennial which officially begins on Sunday, December 3. It is our pleasure to announce Lucille and Dick Auten as the Grand Marshals of the parade! See you on the Square!

City offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday December 25th and 26th as part of the the Christmas Holidays and on Monday, January 1, 2018, for the New Year!

Republic Garbage Services observes Christmas Day and New Years’ Day as work holidays. If your rubbish is collected on those days, your service work will be adjusted by one day.

Izaak Walton Committee is asking your help to determine the best course to follow with the cabin. Take a moment to read the backside of this page, and then return the survey and any written remembrances to City Hall with this month’s utility payment.

Costs are going up! In January the cost for a private residential security light will change to $9.00/month, and commercial lighting will increase to $18.00/month. The changes will reduce the categories of lighting, and the increase will bring us closer to the actual cost to the City. The rate differences for folks with private security lights will be noticed in the bill for January (which is mailed in February).


If Winter Weather is in the forecast, please limit/adjust on-street parking to allow for the snowplow!


NOTICE: The city is not responsible for mail delivery. Failure to receive billing
does not relinquish responsibility for payment or penalty. Payment for utilities
is always due on the 10th of the month. Any utility bills not paid by 4:00 P.M. on
Friday, December 15th will result in the customer having services interrupted on
Monday, December 18th. A reconnect fee of $25.00 will be charged. Customers are
responsible for all costs requiring collection.  



The Izaak Walton Cabin was built as a public works project in 1936-37 with private (Izaak Walton League) and public monies. For many years it served as a place for organizations and families to meet and hold social events. In more recent years the cabin was used as a place for the local Scout troops to meet, and for fishing tournaments.

Earlier this year the City Council affirmed the appointment of a committee nominated by Mayor Deitz to assess the condition of the cabin and to attempt a restoration. The committee, chaired by Richard Lasswell and made up of Charlie Pryer, Jim Mason, Rodney Campbell, John Ventress and Keith York recruited a St. Louis architectural firm to conduct a survey of the site. Dennis P. Crain, AIA, LEED AP Architect with Remiger Design, donated his service. His review of the structural integrity of the cabin has revealed issues which would be a financial liability for the tax payers of our community.

The Izaak Walton Cabin Committee is weighing several possibilities and requests your help with the decision making. On October 28th an open house was held at the cabin to seek public input.

It has been suggested that the cabin be removed and the existing brick chimney be kept with a new structure built around it. The new structure could have metal skin, or be covered with “log siding,” and contain elements of the current structure. The structure would be available for social events and reserved through City Hall.

Please share your ideas with the Committee on what you think is best for our community both financially and culturally. You can also help them by taking a non-binding survey and returning this sheet when you send in, drop off, or come in to pay your utility bill. Please put an X in front of your choice and return this sheet.

___ The current structure should be replaced by a steel structure with metal skin.

___ The current structure should be replaced by a steel structure with log siding.

___ The current structure should be kept and the necessary structural, and mechanical corrections be made.

___ The current structure should be removed and not replaced, leaving the chimney in place.

___ The current structure, including the chimney, should be removed.

___ I would be willing to make a donation in support of the project.

Do you have any other suggestions? Any written ideas are welcome. Written memories of the cabin would also be welcomed.

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