City Utilities

Utility bills are due the 10th of each month, and customers are expected to pay their bill in full. Five business days are allowed before services are terminated. There is a $25.00 reconnect fee for customers who had services interrupted due to non-payment of utility bills, as well as possible other charges.

There is a $5.00 service charge for not having your bill included with your payment.

Meter reset fees are currently $75.00 per meter, if you have had the meters removed/cancelled at your property.

Utility deposits are required for renters, and contract-for-deed customers. An Electric deposit is $200.00, a gas deposit is $200.00, and a water deposit is $100.00. Deposits are not interest bearing, and will be repaid when services are no longer needed and all utilities have been paid in full. Contract-for-deed customers can redeem their deposits when proof of purchase is completed/presented.