City Police

City Police

John Nathan Taylor, Police Chief

Chase Partain – Sergeant

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The McLeansboro Police Department is made up of 8 police officers, five of whom are full-time, who are dedicated to serving the City of McLeansboro.

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Freedom Of Information Act
Procedure For Requests And Fee Structure

The following information is being provided to Section 4(b) of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/4 (b). All requests to inspect, copy, or certify public records of the City of McLeansboro must be submitted to the City in writing. The City encourages requesters to submit their requests on a form available at the City Office. The City will review all written requests in any form. The City will review and respond to each written request in a manner consistent with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

City of McLeansboro FOIA Officer: Frederic Vallowe, City Clerk
McLeansboro Police Department FOIA Officer: John N. Taylor, Chief of Police

Requests shall be submitted to:
Freedom of Information Officer
City of McLeansboro
102 West Main Street
McLeansboro, Illinois 62859
Phone: (618) 643-2723
Fax: (618) 643-3035
E-mail: | or,